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Prioress Corner

Dear friends,

We have just concluded an exciting and energizing set of feasts: Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost.

Every time we celebrate the Eucharist we proclaim this mystery of faith: Christ has died, Christ has risen and Christ will come again.

During the Easter season, the 50 days from Easter to Pentecost, we display the colorful creation pictured on the right. This expression of our Catholic identity can be found in Sacred Heart Monastery, as well as at the Benedale Concierge Desk at Villa St. Benedict. I provide a short reflection alongside this display.

Years ago, Sister Helen found the picture for this “alive creation” on Facebook. This year our international sister from Namibia, Sister Hyacintha, created this display.

On the left, in the midst of freshly grown grass, are the three crosses, the middle one being where our Savior was crucified and died on Good Friday. The other two crosses: the good and bad thief. In front is the tomb where Jesus’ body was placed, with a large rock that originally would have sealed the tomb.

On Easter Sunday, the rock was rolled back and some disciples, including Mary of Magdalene, experienced the Risen Jesus. On Pentecost, a larger group, in an upper-locked room, experienced tongues as of fire, in the person of the Holy Spirit come to rest upon them.

The Resurrection teaches us that Jesus is both fully human and fully Divine. At Pentecost, inspired by the Holy Spirt, the world of believers came to know this truth.

By far, belief in the Resurrection is the greatest event that has ever happened. Because Christ rose from the dead our salvation has been purchased. Life with Christ for all eternity is available to all.

The time after Pentecost gives us an opportunity to continue to reflect and call upon the Holy Spirit to renew us and the face of the earth.

I am excited to share the mystery and meaning of these core truths and pray that the Holy Spirit, dwelling graciously within us, may make us a perfect temple of his glory.

Sister Mary Bratrsovsky, OSB

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