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The primary ministry of all Monastics is to Seek God in the Context of Community Life.

"Whatever the ministries of its members, each monastery should be aware that the central ministry of the Benedictine woman is community and should therefore, organize its modes of living together in ways most conducive to maintaining Christian community."(Call To Life)

We, as a Benedictine community, affirm that acting on behalf of justice is a constitutive element of the Christian life flowing from the Gospel. Our diverse ministries include:
  • Hospitality to our Continuing Care Retirement Community (Villa St. Benedict)
  • Educational Ministries: administrator, development director, teachers and counselors
  • Church Ministries: pastoral associates, liturgists, consultant in Church architecture
  • Community Ministries: administrative roles, nursing, pastoral care, maintenance of our indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Prayer Ministry
    While our prayer always includes universal intentions of the Church, we, as Benedictines, have a specific PRAYER MINISTRY for those who would like to share in the SPIRITUAL BENEFITS OF THE DIVINE OFFICE at the request of a friend.
    If you would like to have a remembrance card sent to a loved onePlease click here...
  • Health Care Ministries: nursing and pastoral care of our elderly Sisters
  • Peace and Justice Ministries