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The Prioress

The Prioress of Sacred Heart Monastery is elected by the community members for a period of six years. It is her responsibility to unite community members through Christ in his Spirit. She achieves this through dialogue with the community in a spirit of responsibility and through the two-fold manner of teaching by word and deed.

"As often as anything important is to be done in the monastery,the prioress shall call the whole community together and herself explain what the business is." Rule of St. Benedict (RB) 3:1

The Board of Directors is the legal governing body of the corporation. In addition to being legally responsible for the overall management of the corporation, a board is legally required to perform their responsibilities subject to the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience to the nonprofit corporation.

Members of The Board of Directors are Sister Mary Bratrsovsky, OSB -Prioress/President, Sister Sharon Marie, Stola, OSB -Vice President, Sister Judith Ann Heble, OSB -Secretary, Sister Helen Jilek,OSB -Treasurer and Sister Carolyn Sieg, OSB -Council Member.

The Monastic Council serves as an advisory body to the Prioress.

"The Monastic chapter is the collegial, consenting, and consultative body of the monastic community. Membership is comprised of all members who have made monastic profession. Benedict provided for collegial leadership. Since the principle of co-responsibility is rooted in the Rule of St. Benedict, the prioress does not make arbitrary decisions. She respects the divine wisdom, which brings her and her Benedictine community together, by consulting them regularly, sharing with them as much as possible her decision making responsibilities. Having received the advice of her council and community she must finally judge what the Spirit is saying to the community." RB 3:1-6

Left to right -Front:  Sister Carolyn Sieg, OSB -Council Member, and Sister Mary Bratrsovsky, OSB -Prioress/President
Left to right -Back:  Sister Judith Ann Heble, OSB -Council Member/Secretary, Sister Helen Jilek,OSB -Council Member/Treasurer and Sister Sharon Marie, Stola, OSB -Subprioress/Vice President