1910 Maple Ave
Lisle, Il 60532


169 Kenmore Ave N.E. # 301
Warren, OH 44483


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Becoming a Dependent Monsatery

Sr. Glenna Smith, OSB, President, Federation of St. Scholastica, Sr. Mary Martha Kacmarek, OSB, Sr. Judith Ann Heble, OSB, Prioress, Sacred Heart Monastery, Lisle, Il., Sr. Barbara Pavlik, OSB, Sr. Marion Dobos, OSB, Sr. Mary John Semon, OSB, Sr. Agnes Knapik, OSB and Sr. Margaret Mary Schima, OSB

On October 2, 2010, the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in Rome, decreed that Queen of Heaven Monastery of the Byzantine Rite, Warren, Ohio, was officially permitted to change its independent status in order to become a dependent of Sacred Heart Monastery in Lisle, Illinois.

As early as 1951, Sacred Heart Monastery began admitting Byzantine women into the community with the idea that eventually a Byzantine Rite Foundation would be established. In 1954, the Lisle community formally voted to establish a Byzantine Rite Foundation in Warren, and named it Queen of Heaven Convent. On February 2, 1969, Queen of Heaven Monastery was formally established as an independent monastery, and Sister Margaret Mary Schima, OSB was elected the first Prioress.

Over the years, as their numbers began to diminish, the Warren Sisters petitioned Sacred Heart Monastery to once again accept them as a dependent monastery. The Lisle Sisters unanimously agreed to grant their request. In a ritual of change of status on November 21, 2010, the seven Sisters in Warren were welcomed by Sister Judith Ann Heble, Prioress, as members of Sacred Heart Monastery, Lisle.

The Sisters will remain in Warren, retaining their unique Byzantine spirituality, traditions and liturgical life, and ministering to the people of the Byzantine Church.

Change of Status, Queen of Heaven Monastery, Warren, Ohio,
signing Agreement document Sister Judith Ann Heble, OSB, Prioress, Sacred Heart Monastery, Lisle, IL and Sr. Margaret Mary Schima, OSB