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Mildred Slabenak, OSB

LBW June 2010

In retirement for twelve years, I feel that some amount of activity is beneficial for body and soul. As I engage in several ministries at the Monastery, I find peace and joy in prayer, work and relaxation. Because God is the center of my life, I wake each morning praising and thanking Him for another day. In Chapel I pray for the needs of the church, the world, relatives and friends. The Divine Office, which is the prayer of the church, is sung, chanted or recited three times a day.

The ministry of a sacristan is not foreign to me. I continue to enjoy it as I assist in various ways. Each Tuesday the iron and I have a date. The linens receive a clean, fresh, smooth look. Sundays and feast days require decorations for the altars. I’m honored to make floral arrangements for the various occasions. It is a challenge to be creative.

Another pleasure I find is assisting the Treasurer. Filing or shredding old bills, papers, letters and the like fills the recycling bin in no time.

Relaxation finds its way toward the end of the day. Reading, doing puzzles, listening to music or keeping up correspondence, by phone or letter writing, with relatives and friends make the day complete.

I find fulfillment in helping wherever it is needed. I am surrounded by my Sister companions, who are caring and supportive. I’m contented and filled with love and peace. I know my work blesses them and gives honor to God.