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Celebrating 125 Years of Lisle Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery

Day 366: February 1, 2021

Obrtlik, Sister M. Angela     b. 9/29/1908     d. 2/1/1945
Sister Angela was one of the first students at Sacred Heart Academy. Having learned about the Benedictine Life during that time, she was ready to enter the Monastery right after high school. Though her health was not good, she came alive when she was teaching, especially when she taught the middle school girls at Sacred Heart Academy. Her health declined, however, and she died quite suddenly at age 36.

Day 367: February 2, 2021

Our 125th Anniversary Celebration
This panoramic view of the opening of our 125-anniversary celebration gives us a chance to deliver a panoramic “thank you” to all those who have made the daily historical events published this year happen.
This gratitude includes, but is not limited to, those who did the research, took photos, wrote the script, did the editing and publishing on social media and you the viewer and commenter!
We are grateful to Bill Buchelt of Elan Studio whose complimentary photography was featured on January 31 and will be featured until February 14.

Day 368: February 3, 2021

Our 125th Anniversary Mass in Progress (2/2/2020)
Father Becket Franks, our chaplain, is the main celebrant. He is accompanied by Father Nestor, our former student guest from Tanzania, and Father Abbot Austin from St. Procopius Abbey.

Day 369: February 4, 2021

Our Chaplain, Father Becket, Giving the Homily for our Celebration (2/2/2020)
Father Becket is talking here directly to the Sisters on their 125th Anniversary Mass. He is saying that through their history, they ministered to others in various venues and now it would be time to take care of each other. This was a poignant moment for the Sisters to reflect on the beauty of their service to the people of God in the past, and now to look forward to their ministry of building closer ties of love and service to each other in community.

Day 370: February 5, 2021

Meaningful Words above our High Altar

“OPERI DEI NIHIL PRAEPONATUR” is a significant statement for Benedictines. Translated from Latin, it means: “Let nothing be preferred to the work of God.” The work of God refers to the Liturgy of the Hours or the Divine Office, which is the official prayer of the church. This form of prayer unites Benedictines with the entire praying church on earth as well as in heaven. It is our special mandate, as well as our great privilege to adore and praise God.

Day 371: February 6, 2021

Our Guests Affirming the Sisters at Mass (2/2/2020)
The guests applauded in gratitude for the prayer and work that the Benedictine Sisters have given to the church and the world in these 125 years.

Day 372: February 7, 2021

The Anniversary Guests Enjoy the Party (2/2/2020)
After the 125th Anniversary Mass, the guests gathered in the Great Room to continue the celebration.

Day 373: February 8, 2021

Our Sisters Visiting with the Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sister Rustica with Charlotte;
Sister Helen and friends; Sisters Victorine, Hyacintha, and Celestine with Mario, the cook;
and Sister Carolyn, Bill (a Board Member), and his wife, Angie

Day 374: February 9, 2021

Sisters and Employees Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sister Christine with nurses, Rose and Alice;
Employee Beth and friends;
Nurse Ellen, Sister Irene, and Ellen’s husband, Bruce;
Elsie and Vickie with Sister DePaul coming to greet them

Day 375: February 10, 2021

Sisters Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sisters Hyacintha and Celestine;
Residents waiting for their food;
Betty with Sister Josephine;
and Sister Karen

Day 376: February 11, 2021

Sisters and Employees Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sister Irene with Cathy L. and Cathy C.;
Eric and David, our faithful workers;
Sister Norbertha and friends;
and Joliet Diocese Religious Superiors

Day 377: February 12, 2021

Sisters Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right)
Rosanne and Sister Rosalie;
Sister Sharon Marie;
Sister Mary and Ray;
and Toni and Abbot Austin.

Day 378: February 13, 2021

Sisters Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sister Alberta;
Sister Margaret Mary with guests;
Sister Judith Ann with family and friends;
and Sister Lois Jean with family

Day 379: February 14, 2021

Sisters Visiting with Guests (2/2/2020)
(From left to right) Sisters Susanne and Johanna;
Sisters Sharon, Jo Anne, and Helen;
Special friends;
and Father Becket and Mari

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